Kinetic emails conversion

August 20, 2018

“This has been the year that, in the UK at least, people finally moved on from just making their emails mobile-responsive and started looking at what comes next,” says Rob Pellow, head of digital design at Adestra.

‍Kinetic emails are improving the way brands like Adidas communicate with customers

“In fact, while there are still brands that come to us to ask about making their campaigns and templates mobile responsive, nearly all of them are asking the question: ‘What else can we do?’”

It’s been the first year, he says, that Adestra has seen regular use of ‘kinetic’ emails: using CSS3 and HTML to create interactivity within an email. This trend stems from the fact that users are so comfortable with the UI language of mobile apps and websites, they’re happy to see it in other places, including email.

“With these new opportunities have come the first steps towards treating a single email campaign as a journey in itself; B&Q treated us to another impressive carousel that worked in more email clients than ever before, Litmus gave us the ability to have a basket process in its summit email and Rebel (formerly Rebelmail) is now selling the ability to complete the whole checkout process within the email – the only web page you see is a confirmation page at the end. 

"This is starting to change what email means to people because, if we can deliver these sorts of experiences here, we can combine these things with a level of personalisation that websites can only dream of. Who says email is dead?”

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